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Christmas Ornaments


Merry Halloween: Part 2

It's another holiday mash-up! The addition of a little red spider to the Lego wreath has given it a real Tim Burton vibe. 

Enjoy the holiday, stay safe, and forgive me for being unable to invert the photo - technology is not always my strong suit.


Merry Halloween!

Tis the season to post a creepy picture of an altered Christmas ornament! Honestly, I intended for it to look way more playful than that. Oh well. Don't blame your nightmares on the picture here. Thanks everyone for the support so far!



I wanted to offer up a few shots of what is inside one of the ornaments. For those interested in the internal construction, these photos might shed some light on how the near-sphere ornament was made.

Enjoy, and merry... February.


A Late Addition!

Though the Christmas season is still upon us, most have moved on to ringing in the new year and chucking their tree to the curb. For those hold outs, like me, here's a bonus ornament to help make your season bright... even in January.



Enjoy this picture of gentle sunlight cascading off the boughs of our Christmas tree. 

Merry Christmas!


Decorating the Tree!

The tree is up and so are the Legos! Here are a couple of nice shots to put you in the Christmas spirit!

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