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The Mushroom House


I would like to introduce you to my Lego Ideas project, which I have named the Mushroom House. Since I was a young child Lego has always been my passion. As an adult I remain interested in building and collecting Lego especially the Technic, Creator Expert and Ideas categories.

It has always been my dream to design my own set and lately I have been considering what I could design. In the end, my favourite summer activity of collecting mushrooms became my inspiration. The people from my country are famous throughout the world for collecting mushrooms: we adore picking and eating them. Therefore, I decided to design a mushroom house, because mushroom houses are usually found in many fairy tales. For example, smurfs live in mushroom houses. However, I decided to populate my set with two butterfly minifigures, because mushrooms are also usually inhabited by various beetles or other insects.

The biggest challenge and the most difficult part, which took me the most time, of designing my model was the creation of a rounded mushroom “leg” and “hat”. Finally, I finished designing and building the mushroom “leg” and “hat” to my complete satisfaction. I also tried to focus on many details, including the elaborate interior of the mushroom house and its surroundings. After approximately 3 months of working on my model, I have completed the design which I enclose for you now.  

The whole model is modular and can be partially deconstructed by the user. It is possible to lift the “hat”, under which the fully equipped interior of the mushroom is located. The equipment of mushroom interior contains: a fireplace, two armchairs, a clock, a bookcase, a chest and two beds. All the household equipment can be moved as desired. Furthermore, it is set on a base by four attachment points which means it is possible to lift and move the entire mushroom house from this base.. The dimensions of the whole model, including the base, are 37x37 cm and the house is 24 cm high. The whole model is composed of approximately 2500 bricks and also contains two minifigures of a butterfly couple.

I hope you like my model!

If you have any questions or suggestions about it, please don‘t forget to leave a comment!