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Castle of Lord Brickston

Welcome everyone, to the castle of lord Brickston!

Based loosely on castle Carondelet in Belgium, it's meant to look like the Dutch/Belgian style of 'Donjon' of a 'waterburcht'.

The Donjon had several floors and a tower which has a spiral staircase. The back opens up and the first floor is removable for easier access.
The ground floor houses the kitchen and storageroom. Pressing the brown 'rock' will activate a lightbrick hidden in the stove, and there is a secret exit or sally port behind the closet. There is also a small waterwell and a simple bed for a servant.
The first floor serves as the great hall and has two tables, a warm fireplace, and a privy (toilet). There are also several windows, an arrowloop with comfortable seats, and a gearmechanism to lower the small drawbridge.
The top floor has the bedroom of the lord, with a comfortable bed, a cozy fireplace, a tub to bathe in and another privy. here is also the access to the highest level of the tower via simple stairs.

The model is about 2900 pieces, but I had to cheat a bit to achieve the look. Not all pieces I used exist in the colour it would need. The reddish-brown bracket pieces for the wooden top floor, and the dark stone grey windows for example. I used several other very talented builders as inspiration. Individual feedback and advice is very much appreciated :)

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