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Modular Rockets


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I've always loved the Lego Universe rockets and how you could mix and match them. When the Universe Rocket (55001) was released I always had wanted it, but wasn't able to get one, so I decided to build my own. I loved building these things and I wish the Lego Group would have released more rockets, but hopeful they will with my project! If you miss Lego Universe please support this project. 

Each rocket splits into three parts (Nose, Body, Tail) that can be interchanged with each other. Each rocket also comes with a unique pilot! The rockets featured are: the Green Flared Rocket, the Flaming Dart Rocket, the Pocket Rocket, the Construction Rocket, the Mission to Mars Rocket, the "Rock"et, the Ancient Ruin Rocket, and the Evil Rocket. More will be coming soon! Check for them in the updates section. Sorry I had to cram all the pictures into the top, but I was having photo upload trouble and that's all I could do.



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