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Magnox - Nuclear Fission Reactor

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"The Atomic future of Lego City"

Standing above other models, this tower of raw power could be a part of your Lego city. Tearing apart the building blocks of our universe and reaping the energy released. This is the Magnox Reactor, the first ever type of power generating nuclear reactor ever made.

"Beauty in iron and steel"

Like the fusion reactor, this model hosts a hole bucket full of detail, including control rods that you can raise and lower. It also has a gantry crane at the top to remove any parts for servicing.

This is the reaction vessel, the heart of the power plant. at the top are the control rods that allow us to speed up or slow the reaction in the atomic furnace within.

"A machine designed to convert mass into pure electrical energy"

Once again this model features an easy dismantle feature that allows you to take parts off to admire them in detail.

The model itself uses 800 bricks, less than half that of the fusion reactor, but they are bigger bricks. As a estimate for price I would say £60-£80. What you get for your money though is a model of possibly one of the most advanced machine that the human race has produced.

This shows the reactor taken down to its 12 main components, from top left clockwise: Base, lower heat exchange, upper heat exchange, reactor vessel, top platform, gantry crane.

"A device fundamental in our fight against climate change"

The pipes on the base are arranges in such a way that they can be attached in a modular way to a turbine hall and cooling tower.

The gantry crane on the top can;
-move along its rails
-trolley moves back and forth
-tool for attaching to control rods can be raised and lowered.

This shows the gantry crane above the reactor, with the tops of the control rods visible, it is hand operated.

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