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The New Stocking Holder


Hello lego fans, LegoApple here!  My first lego idea is a technic lego stocking holder.  While it may not be christmas anymore, I still felt like this idea should be shared with the Lego community regardless the lack of the holiday.  I'm planning for this set to come with around 3 stocking holders in which there are different sized plates on which to put your name on. (As showned in the example stocking holder with the name Matthew on it.)  The way it works is that it uses two 6628 pieces from the lego EV3 set (31313) to clutch onto the bottom of your fireplace mantel and another beam to wrap around the top of your mantle to secure the stocking holder!  Please help bring up the number of supporters for this design so we can reach 100 supporters by 60 days!  Feel free to comment on my design and name any suggetions for my next design!

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