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Old West Village (Mini Modular)

I’m very happy to present to you my latest LEGO design: The small western village. This is a very cool LEGO build, exclusively made up of LEGO bricks, of course. It's as I say in the name, "mini modular", that means you can separate the houses, and make villages with different shapes. The only limit is your imagination.
It includes:
  • Three houses (one brown, one red and one yellow)
  • One sheriff’s office (green), that includes a small prison (grey)
  • One saloon (brown)
  • One bank (beige)
  • One gun shop (brown)
  • 6 ground pieces and one square cross piece.
  • The sheriff's office, the gun shop, the houses, and the bank have a base size of 8×8.
  • The saloon has a base size of 16×8.
  • The ground pieces have a size of 8×6.
  • The square ground piece has a shape of 6×6.
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