Product Idea

Lego Sea Life

Lego Sea Life

After visiting many sea life centres over the years i have decided to re create them in lego form. This is quite a large set but offers plenty and features many of the items you will see at a sea life centre for example :

  • Small creature tanks featuring crabs and fish and star fish
  • Larger creature tanks with coral and rocks even an octopus
  • A turtle enclosure
  • An interactive rock pool
  • Bridge across a water tank full of fish
  • A large walkthrough tunnel inside the main tank full of fish rays and sharks
  • An outdoor seal show experience for the audience to enjoy
  • A sealed off staff area
  • Two small viewing windows into the main tank

There is a lot going on in this set but there is plenty of room to place minifigs and play with the set even the tunnel in the main tank has access points to place minifigs inside.

The set would come with the basic staff minifigs which are :

  • Two divers situated at the top of the tank
  • Two reception staff on front desk to serve and welcome customers
  • Three pirate staff who are there to entertain
  • Two rockpool staff to do the live encounter sessions
  • One seal show presenter with two seals

I have put alot of work into this set and its layout and tried to get as many photos of different angles as possible ill try to add more in updates. 

I hope you enjoy, all feedback on the set is welcome.