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Mr Jump

This is a recreation of a game called: Mr Jump, developed by 1Button SARL.
The game is about to jump above obstacles like spikes and other things, use jump squares to give an extra jump in mid-air and such. It has worlds and many levels to play. Here is the first world in the game in LEGO format!

I have played this game before in the old days (2015) and i have enjoyed it!
I came up with this idea recently to make it as LEGO!

This creation is customisable!
In the game you can't build / place stuffs, but in this set you can choose to either have no spikes with all 3 "jumpers", have no mid-air jump squares or just spikes etc.
These islands are hexagonal grass lands that the character jumps on to survive, here you can put him anywhere, for him to run forward.
In the game the character has a square head (here it has a round one to give a more LEGO look). A spinning portal at the end of the level that is floating as well, (the spiral).

I believe this set is family friendly and can be built easily. Since you can put stuffs anywhere it gives more fun to it!

Mr Jump by 1Button SARL.

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