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Cyber Pirates


Journey through the complicated mass of cyberspace as you aspire to tract down the pestiferous Cyber Pirates. While the Royal Electronic Navy seeks to convey peace the the massive realm to computers and gadgets, the pirates on the other hand would rather vigorously wreak havoc by stealing the precious computer chips. Many may try to fix problems while sitting at their desks, but little do they know that a real battle is going on deep inside the realm of their own device. But wait, there is something no one want’s to deal with. Agh, a pesky glitch, or in this case one in the form of a shark, is interfering with the pirates plans! Will this be of use to our heroic soldiers, or will it only hinder their attempts to diminish evil?

Thanks for viewing my Idea! There is actually a backstory to why I built this, but that can be told another time ;-) Until then keep building, and please follow me!


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