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Clash of Clans - Village Raid


This goal of this project is to bring about a LEGO set based on Supercell's hit game, Clash of Clans.  Clash of Clans is a game with a very simple yet addictive premise.  You guide a village of your own and collect resources such as gold and elixir to buy upgrades for your village.  Upgrades can help you both to collect and raid more resources and also allow you to defend your resources from other players trying to steal them.  This gameplay makes it easy to learn but also difficult to master and offers an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Naturally, with the game being so great, I couldn't help but to recreate a part of the game in LEGO bricks.  With both LEGO and Clash of Clans being so much fun and captivating such a wide audience with the imagination they possess, it seems like a perfect match to me.

With the set, I tried to capture several of the elements of the game in one set.  I decided that the setting of a village raid would really help to capture the essence of the game.  The aspects that I included in the set are:

  • The most important part of a village, The Town Hall.
  • Walls to surround and protect the Town Hall.
  • A cannon and a Mortar to help fend off attackers.
  • A Gold Storage for storing all of that gold you need for upgrades!
  • An attacking force of two Barbarians and a Wizard.  As a little side note, the actual set would feature minifigures with printing more accurate to the game.  I had to choose prints that were available in the software I used and none of them were perfectly accurate

While there are certainly endless elements that could be added to a Clash of Clans set, I had to limit it in order to make the set feasible.  These are the parts that I thought best exemplified the series in an affordable set. 

Thanks for viewing the project and I hope you support and share in order to make LEGO Clash of Clans a reality!


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