Product Idea

LEGO Target

BREAKING NEWS: The Requested Update Has Arrived.


This LEGO Target has had unanswered update comments for a little while now, so i'm doing a favor and adding those requests.

Request 1:  


Target stores- usually those near airports- have a Target Logo on the roof- might be nice to do something with all that flat space on top.

Example -
Request 2: 


I like your thinking, but there is a few problems. 
1. There is no floor I mean it kinda needs a floor so you can place the walls and aisles on
2. You need more detail on the inside and out it looks quite bland.
3. The structure doesn't look very stable
4. It has almost nothing to buy in there you need to add some more aisles or products to buy

but all in all its a pretty good idea but needs a little bit of tweaking. 

Those requests are now in the set!

If you have any requests, set ideas, and concerns comment and I will try to reply as soon as can.