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The Mystery Manor


The Mystery Manor is an enchanting building split on three levels. It has two entrances. The front entrance leads to a medieval inn on the bottom floor. Here there is also a kitchen with a stove and lots of food and drink. Fit for a feast!

The entrance at the back leads to the middle floor. Here there is a games room- featuring a snooker table and also a couch to sit on by the fire. It is a warm and welcoming room with pictures hanging on the walls.

The third floor is an attic room with two king size beds for guests. It is a cosy room with two colourful blankets on the beds.

There is a knight's wagon parked at the side of the mystery manor.

This set features six minifigures. Three are contemporary characters arriving at the Jester's Mystery Manor as guests. There is also a mysterious goblin who is trying to sneek insideto rob the place.

Now it is time for you to embark on this story with us...





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