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Attack on GoldBrick Island


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This is Attack on GoldBrick Island, a set that creates a battle between the British Navy and the pirate crew of Captain Clutcher. It includes 15 minifigures: 8 pirates, 5 British Navy, and 2 captured sailors. It also has 3 frogs, 2 that are green and 1 that is yellow, and 2 parrots. It has roughly 400-500 pieces.

Picture One shows the British Lords and sailors. From left to right they are Lord Legoson, Lord Bricker, Captain Brickson, Captain Brickson's daughter, a sailor, and a captured pirate. 

Picture 2 shows the pirates. From left to right they are Captain Clutcher, Sir RichBricks, Clutcher's daughter, the first mate, cannon crew chief, watchman, a musketeer, and a captured sailor. 

Picture three shows some rocky shoals where the lords are watching the battle from.

Picture 4 shows GoldBrick Islan in its entirety, with the captured lighthouse, the decrepit stairs leading up to it, and cannon station. 

Pictures 5and 6 show the base of GoldBrick Island with the plant up to hide the shooting hideout, and with it down to show the hideout and allow the musketeer to shoot. It seems that the island has been attacked before unsuccessfully.

Picture 7 shows the top half of the lighthouse that can be removed to access the treasure room. This has the cannon station, lookout and observatory, and lighthouse light. 

Picture 8 shows the treasure room, full of treasure. It has two chest full of gems and gold, a crate full of more gold, and boxes full of more gold and an apple. 

Picture 9 shows the inside of the shooting hideout inside the rocky shore of GoldBrick island.


This set is a secret stash of gold and other valuables secretly hidden in an abandoned lighthouse. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments and I will respond. 

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