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Old School Country Store


Ever wanted to head down to the Old School Country Store. Well now you can with this newest creation. It has a very retro design inside and out. On the inside there is three shelves each with their own merchandise. Merchandise includes lumber one bucket one barrel one fence one hammer some wrenches and two Christmas trees. If you run out of material or are getting ready for the holidays this creation has it all for the customers. The outside contains a black door frame clear glass inside the frame and white door handle. On either side of the door you will find a clear window. The roof contains two 8 x 16 flat tiles and is set on a 16 x 16 base plate. The entire creation sits comfortably on a 16 x 16 base plate and would fit in very nicely to any city or town. Anybody who owns this set would have a ton of fun and much playability.

I want to say thanks to LoneCoyote for his help and thanks to all who support this!

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