Product Idea

Clash Royale

Enter the Arena! This model is a recreation of the Clash Arena  (Hog Mountain, former Legendary Arena). The arena is composed of one side, Blue, and paths leading from the bridges in the front of the arena to the princess towers. From the Princess towers, a path leads to the King tower. Each Princess tower is set to look like it's in-game counter part, outfitted with a crown design in the front and a ladder in the back. The sides have colored banners representing their respective sides, Red being enemy and Blue being friendly. The King tower is slightly larger, with a larger looking crown on the front and longer banners on the sides. The King tower is also equipped with a lever on the side and a cannon (the lever is pulled in-game and the cannon comes out of the floor of the tower). The arena towers have spots for minifigures to stand on, and are about torso high when a minifigure is placed within them. This model took about 10-14 hours to design and build, as well as additional time to create the minifigures. This model is composed of about 500-600 pieces.
This set includes:
  • The Princesses and King
  • The Knight (with sword)
  • The Prince
  • The Musketeer
  • The Valkyrie
  • The Mini Pekka (head is made out of bricks)
  • The Electro Wizard
  • The Miner
  • The Sparky
  • The Inferno Tower Building
  • The Mirror Spell
  • The Log Spell
  • Two Princess Towers and a King Tower