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Nexo Knights Aaron's Mech


   I always loved building mechs, especially if they are piloted by knights! King Halbert's mech gave me the inspiration to also provide the nexo knights with their own mechs since the king will need all the protection he can get. This is actually the first in a series of mechs for each knight, and I thought show Aaron's mech first and if it gets a lot of love the others will come marching in!

    The base is of course, the Nexo Knights King's Mech set, and I was especially excited since this is one of the few times Lego actually released a mech with knees. I also got the Ultimate Aaron set for the Blaze Bow mounted on his forearm with a mini energy shield and the stud shooters on his back. His other bow comes from Moltor's Lava Smasher set. And for added melee combat in comes Aaron's own Great Cleaver!  Aaron's mech has great play value for the numerous shooters the mech posesses and can be modified according to the player's imagination along with replacable Nexo power shield on the mech's chest.

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