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Robot Battle Set


New recruit, and new looks!

Look out, robots... here comes the Scorpion! The Scorpion has a red sensor just like its teammates, but instead of pincers and a venomous tail it has laser guns, and the upper part of the Scorpion's tail can rotate 360 degrees. It's a perfect stealth robot, and can easily sneak behind enemy lines. 

That's not the only update though! As you can see, the four-legged turret has a different look. The legs are now identical (excluding the colors) and the head has changed somewhat.

The drone has a new stand to make it look like it's actually flying, and the front window has changed to match the dark blue of its teammates.

The missiles for the missile launcher now have a dark blue cylinder between the dark blue cone and the base of the missile.

The laser ballista is now a missile ballista, and it can lock on to flying units or ground units.

The blue robots soon became comfortable in their environment and upgraded their camp. They smoothed out part of it and added a new computer for advanced communications. 

Thanks for viewing, and please look for more updates in the future!




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