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Robot Battle Set


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This idea first started with the robot dog. Then it gave me the idea to make a battleground for more robots! From that idea came more ideas like the missile launcher, the robot to control the missile launcher, the four-legged turret, the robot to control the laser ballista, and a drone. There's also a small structure that appears to be worn down from battle. A turret is mounted at the top, and the missile launcher is at the back.

The robot dog has poseable legs, paws, tail, and head. Despite its short battery life, the laser on its side is surprisingly strong.

The four-legged turret also has poseable legs, and it can turn its cannon in a full circle. However, it can only stay in one place unless it is moved.

The turret that's mounted on the building can also turn in a full circle, in addition to looking up and down. 

The small, red sensor robot that controls the ballista has a jet pack and poseable arms. It's also capable of hacking into computers that would be seemingly impossible for a human. 

The blue sensor robot that controls the missile launcher has poseable arms as well. It's not as intelligent as the red sensor robot, but it's not turned down easily either.

The drone can move swiftly around its enemies and can get around quickly. Its weakness is that it's not very tough, and its cannons are weak.

Please help spread the word about this set! Thank you so much for viewing, and updates will come soon! 

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