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LEGO Friends Apartment


This is my LEGO Friends apartment. It has room for three friends to be roommates! 

Outside there is a little frog pond, a bench, and a mailbox slot (more on that later).

The first floor includes a couch, dining room table with a chocolate stand, and  a kitchen with a stove, oven, sink and counter. The floor is mostly hardwood, with checkered tile in the kitchen. There is a built in mailbox, where the mail can be pushed through the slot outside and picked up inside.

The second floor has a bedroom with two beds. There is also two nightstands, one with a fish bowl and a flowerpot, one with a speaker and an alarm clock. There is also a small makeup table and a hanging lamp.

The third floor has the last bedroom, with a single bed. At the foot of this bed is a small bed for a furry friend. There is also a bathroom on this floor. It has a sink, toilet, and a bath that is the perfect size for a LEGO Friend to sit down in. It also has a drain. This bathroom also features bubbled glass windows for privacy and light and a circular, pink, tile pattern.

The roof has a garden with many homegrown plants. It also has a nice hot tub to relax in. Finally, there are some solar panels as well, I apologize that they don’t look much like solar panels, but they are the best I could do without stickers.

I think this set would be a fun place to add to the LEGO friends collection, and I put a lot of thought into the little details that make up the set. Please support, follow, and comment if you like my creation!

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