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The Zephir Airship


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This airship is called zephir after the western wind.

The set contains 7 minfigures: a captain , 6 "sailors"and on the head of the ship a fiddle.

The set contains 24 shooter guns ( perhaps it's too much) 12 simple cannons what are not the official lego cannons but I think they will do it. The baloon is blue because I think it seems good. I know the baloon is not the best but I haven't fount better bricks for it in the LDD. (My LDD version is very old.) I have made it first also from real life lego and the baloon wasn't very good fixed but the LDD model will stay on the ship I think. Under the ship I have putted some invisible bricks to feel that the airship is floating. I have made a cabin also and i'll take apicture of it but it's hard in LDD. The flags can be repainted because  in LDD I haven't fount painted flags. The minifigures also have the same body so they can be also changed in anything else.

I thin it can be a good new lego set beacuse it's difficult than the other sailor ship models and the lego can make from it airpirates sets.


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