Product Idea

Medieval Homestead

    Hi all! This is a medieval homestead, complete with house, wood pile, axe, and trees! I made this have a rustic look by using a lot of textured and crumbling bricks. There are several steps leading up to the cottage, and the roof really comes off, making the inside easily accessible! 
   I tried to focus mostly on the outside, so there isn't much details on the inside. This would be great as a collectable set, but it could also have great playability! 
  I built this because I really like building medieval buildings, and also because I wanted to do a castle but didn't have enough pieces, so I decided to build this instead!
      One think that I like about building medieval buildings is that you can make different sections in different colors without making it look weird, because in the medieval times there would often be add-ons and sections in different materials which made it look multi-colored. This is great
  Please support this build if you want this to have a chance at becoming an official LEGO set! 
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