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Merlin Meets Kilgharrah

This set is based on the Merlin TV series produced by the BBC. The set captures Merlin's first meeting with the great dragon, Kilgharrah, in the cave under the dungeons of Camelot. The set includes two minifigures, Merlin and Prince Arthur. The set features a fully poseable Kilgharrah chained in the cave, a hinged cave entrance with treasure room, light-up forge, spider den, as well as a sign with a sticker of the Merlin TV series logo.

While watching the Merlin TV series for the first time, I immediately thought Lego Merlin would be a great idea. Before starting my build, I researched the great dragon, the cave, and the character's outfits to help guide my design choices. After many drafts I came to this result. I am happy with the piece count, the details I was able to incorporate into Kilgharrah, and the cave entrance as well as the playability. I am excited to share this with the Lego Ideas community and I am sure it will inspire many others to bring Merlin's adventures in Camelot to life!

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