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Star Wars UCS XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower


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This is my idea for a UCS Lego Star Wars Set of the XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower.


The XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower was used by the Galactic Empire to protect capital ships and space stations against Rebel capital ships and fighters.


So why did I choose to build this model? There are mainly two reasons:

1.) I am a man of the Galactic Empire!

2.) I think that there is a lack of static models in the UCS – it is all about spaceships, fighters but nobody cares about static objects – so I try to change this with this model.


The design of the model took me about 4 weeks, as I tried to put a lot of detail on the model and to get great visual impression on the model. Especially the angles where a problem in the beginning but after some trying and re-working I got the result that I wanted.

I also tried to give the outer surface a structure by adding different bricks – I did not want that my XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower looks like a big grey block.

Currently I am working on adding an interior to the model, but I guess that this will take some more weeks until it is finished.


The barrels and the base can be rotated so that you can angle the XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower just as you like it best.

Currently the XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower consists of approximately 2500 bricks.


You can also download the model LDD file on the Lego Digital Designer homepage.


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