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Modular Bakery and Cake Shops


In the early morning, everyone comes to buy his bread at the bakery shop. Help the baker to make baguettes and come downstairs on the ground floor to welcome the early customers. Buy sweets next to the counter and go out to stroke the cat. Get in supplies of cakes in the cake shop and come to eat the delicious macaroons. Finally, get into the van with the baker and the pastry cook to deliver all people who cannot come in this magnificent building.

This set includes:

  • Two modular buildings.
  • A van.
  • Six minifigures: a baker, a pastry cook, a man, a woman, a little boy and a girl, and a cat.

The cake shop includes a ground floor with a counter, a showcase, a chimney and a door to go in the garden, a first floor with a kitchen equipped with a worktop and shelves, the bedroom of the pastry cook in the second floor and an attic with an armchair, a chimney, accessories for the cat and the balcony’s door.

The bakery shop contains a ground floor with a stall, a counter, a heater, a box of sweets and a door to go in the garden too. In the first floor, there are a baker’s oven and a little table. In the second floor, the toilet and a fridge which can be opened. The third floor is a mezzanine with a bed, a table and a ladder to reach the roof where there are flowers.

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