Product Idea

1950's Patrol Car

Hello. and welcome to my 4th project..

This is based very loosely on a 1950's Ford Mercury and also the cop car from the ' Cars ' movie.. i hope you all like it :-)

Ive tried to fit as many features as possible, using period images for reference.

Working elements include ;

Opening doors, bonnet/hood & Boot/trunk.

Detailed V8 moc engine and interior ( the dash has since been updated since these images where taken ).

The figure ( at the moment ) can only stand next to the car.. i am working on one to sit inside.

Approx size in studs : 46 x 20.

This was built over a couple of days and no plans where made or notes taken. I will at a later date, work out a guestimate of how many pieces where used though..

The majority of the chrome pieces are genuine items, chromed by Lego, the rest being custom.., saying that, i have since used light bluish grey elements, to see the difference.. due to the availability and production limitations of chroming.. and the car still looked good ( imo )..

I will update, with more info very soon.

Many many thanks for looking.