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Small Cargo Plane


          This is my lego small cargo plane idea. I got this idea because I believe that quite a few people may face this problem. A lego airport would take a lot of space and many of us don't have enough space to fit a large lego plane. I came up with this idea to solve this. This little cargo plane is about 7.5 inches long and 7 inches wide. This plane would be a perfect transporter for small cargo on a small runway, this is why I think this would make a good product.

           The features are relatively few on this set due to it's size. This plane includes an easily detachable windshield to access the one seat for the pilot. The plane also has a 9x2 cargo bay that works very good with treasure chests. This plane also includes easily detachable landing gear. This model has about 130 bricks.

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