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The Cygnus Disney's The Black Hole


Disney's The Black Hole 1979 The Cygnus and Palomino. This set is 2999 pieces with the Palomino, which I already submited here at Ideas by itself and its 7 unit crew for a little teaser of sorts. This set comes with 13 more mini figures in Hans Reinhardt, the evil red Maximillian, S.T.A.R. robot, 2 sentry droids, and 8 humanoids in 2 different sectors of the ship.

The Cygnus and her 13 member crew is a total of 2024 pieces.

The Palomino and her 7 unit crew is 975 pieces.

So again combined I made sure all 20 figures and both star ships is exactly 2999 pieces and I can confirm that with video proof.

 This is basically the ultimate Lego Black Hole set ever created or will be created for the fact that not only is the now most famous Cygnus a huge cult classic star-ship at three foot long, not only does it have a two foot long section of a hinged flip top roof which allows complete access to the inner workings of the Cygnus, but the Palomino docks in the front forked section of the ship just like in the film and detaches easily, see images 1-3. Once inside the Cygnus there is a rail tram system just like in film, which takes the crew of the Palomino on their way to their adventure, see image number 14. Just beyond that sector is the Humanoid computer station, see image numbr 10. It is ran by 4 humanoid androids created by Dr. Hans Reinhardt. Beyond the humanoid computer area you will find one of the most memorable parts of the film, in the computer laser game training area see image number 11, where Old Bob had already beat the S.T.A.R. robot and paid a heavy price for it when S.T.A.R. and the other robots abused old BOB, hence the reason he was so beat up and worn down. Vincent comes in and also defeats the S.T.A.R. robot in this great scene. Behind that is some of the forest/garden which had allowed for Dr. Reinhardt to remain in orbit around the black hole for the past 20 years.

The tower is the main bridge of the ship where Dr Hans Reinhardt and Maximillian are located. Just below the base of the tower there is another small control room ran by 4 more humanoids see image number 13. Both it and the bridge are easily accessed by removing a cockpit window or the roof of the bridge. 

This entire film takes place on these two vessels and I have basically built everything in the film, short of the black hole itself. And if I had not ran out of pieces I may have given that a try as well. Hope you like this set and or vote as I have been working on it off and on for over a year. For a long time there was no inner access to the inside of the ship, or the cool railing system along the outer frame, or front docking port in the correct location, as before the Palomino just sat on top of the Cygnus instead of where it corretly docked with the Cygnus I think this set has huge potential via play or display and what else can you ask for with any Lego set.

Note the lead image and images 4 and 5 Maximillian stands high atop the peak loacted on top fo the central section of the Cygnus, which in the final scene in the film like right out of Dante's Inferno Maximillian stands on top of a mountain of flames after him and Dr. Reinhardt enter the Black Hole. And as the scene zooms in on Maximillians head you see Dr. Reinhardt insides him, very powerful scene. That is why I decided to pose Maximillian on the outer section of the ship in the lead picture.

I have one more big 30th anniversay build planned before the new year kicks in. Do the math and the other hint is its also a Disney film. Take care all and have a great holiday!

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