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A Chocolate Factory

Everybody knows what chocolate is. It is that delicious treat that is made from cocoa beans. But how is it changed from a bean into a delicious treat? In factory's like this one.  Machines crack the beans open. Then powerful fans blow over the beans carrying the lighter shells away, leaving behind pure cocoa pieces called nibs. After roasting and winnowing, the cocoa nibs are ground into a paste called chocolate liquor. The liquor is either separated into cocoa solids and cocoa butter, or cooled and molded into blocks of raw chocolate. Then the blocks of chocolate are cut into smaller blocks. The small blocks of chocolate are moved on conveyor belts and are dropped into wrappers. Finally they are shipped to stores near you.
In this part of the LEGO factory you can see the chocolate bars moving along on the conveyor belt. In the back round you can see different flavored (and different shaped) chocolate bars moving along a different conveyor belt.
I hope by build reaches 10,000 supports and I hope I will be lucky enough for it to become an actual LEGO product.