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Sylvain Durif: The BMW 750 IA 1995


The project represents:
- Sylvain Durif in his Bugarach 2012 outfit, with his flute
- the BMW 750 1995 IA, with Racing Dynamics 20" rims and 275/40 R20 tyres
- the Plasma Kit, installed on the front seat (It is made out of the two springs, the rotating table tennis ball filled with salty water, and the two springs. It is protected in a red champagne box)

Sylvain Pierre Durif is quite a character. His multi-competency profile lead to be considered by most as a genius.
He is not only a great inventor (plasma kit, represented in this model), he has many more competencies, such as:
Writer, Pilot, Strategic Thinker, Jewelry Creator, Enigma Solver, Dancer, Teacher, Musician (flute and pan flute), Realtor of the Light Cities, Explorer, King of France, Merlin Druid, Start Up Creator, Wild Fruits Harvestor, Negociator, you name it! He is seen by some as the new Bill Gates or the new Steve Jobs.

He started to become a famous international public figure when explaining why the end of the world would not happen in 2012 in Bugarach (Aude, France).

Every kid would dream to play with Sylvain Durif action figure, as he is a true role model!

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