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MD-80 Maddog


So this is my idea of a LEGO plane. I tried to make it as realistic and playable as possible. I chose to reproduce the iconic McDonnel Douglas MD-80, which is a plane that one can easily build with the current bricks proposed by LEGO.


This model is made of only 544 bricks (including the minifigs). As you can see, I would propose a full crew (Captain, First Officer and 3 Flight Attendants), because aviation experts dislike the tendency LEGO has to "forget" the F/O! :) And it's even more realistic that way.

You will notice the extra care of details, such as antennas on the fuselage, lights, landing gear reproduction, etc... You can check out the other photos included to see the cockpit, cabin, galleys for the crew, ... And of course, this plane comes with evacuation slides that you can fix on the doors, which in my opinion adds more playability (and makes your LEGO Airport Fire truck really useful...) :D


And of course, you can choose to either PLAY with it, or DISPLAY it as the pride of your plane collection... :D

Don't hesitate to comment, especially if you have a remark about it, something you think I could change or add...



Notice: As this was designed with LDD, I did not put any stickers on it... But a "real" project would be different in that way. Also the 3 last pictures show what the plane could look like in another color, but it's only because I thought it was good looking in black, these pics are not part of the project.

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