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So currently I only have 12 hours until the lego idea expires but this is not the end. Im going to bring it back BIGGER and BETTER jack stauber will live on thanks to the 43 supporters who supported and believed in this set.

Again this is not the end I will resubmit this project under a new name and with more amazing things i can't wait for you guys to see what I have in store.


20 Days Left

So as you might of noticed time is almost up but I'm not giving up. I have confidence in this set so if it does expire as I said in the last update I will be expanding the lego idea to include more amazing album covers from jack stauber micropop album.

Which you should totally listen to if you haven't already.


Lego Idea Expansion

Heys everyone sorry I haven't updated you'll all for a month but I been thinking and would you guys like. If I'd expanded the set to include more jack stauber album covers? I think it'll be pretty cool.

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