Product Idea

Thatched Restaurant

Have you ever been on Sylt in Germany?
It is a small island with a lot of beautiful thatched houses. So I came up with the idea to build a thatched restaurant out of Lego.

Building description:
The whole model is built on two standard 32x32 ground plates.
On the ground floor is the restaurant with the kitchen and a larder.
On the first floor, the attic, are three separate rooms: the living/dining room with a small build-in kitchen, the bedroom with two beds and a writing desk, and the bathroom with a sink, a shower and a toilet.
The thatched roof is built out of bars connected with modified 1x1 tiles and there is a lighting rod.
In front of the house is a terrace with tables and chairs and a beach chair.
Along the front house side leads a sidewalk.
Furthermore, at the backside of the house at the exit/entrance of the larder stands a small cupboard and there is a water supply.
Included are four minifigs:
     - a cook
     - a woman
     - a surfer with a surfboard
     - a man
     - a child

Why did I build it?
As I already mentioned, on Sylt there are a lot of these houses. I love the building style of modern thatched houses and I think it would make a great Lego set, because detailed and furnished houses look great in your Lego world and this model also has a great playability.
So if you like it, I would be grateful for your support ;-)!