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Achilles Class Destroyer


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An Achilles Class Destroyer, very powerful in combat, it was made for the Wars that Zorians wage, this is a medium sized ship. Four primary guns can be seen sticking out on the front. Underneath you can see a larger gun: a long range laser. And finally, the large gun in the middle. A Third Class super weapon. Which can deal large amounts of damage. 

  This ship is made for in space battles. Small hidden guns would be on the bottom. But they sadly are too small to really build. The guns are for bombardment of planets. Drop Pods are located on the front on the bottom, but sadly I can not build those either. This is built in mini scale. Hope you enjoy this. 

  Please support. Thank you.

  by the way, Zorians are Lizardmen, but not like the ones on my Lizardman theme. This set could work as a creator set. It seems that that is the closes place, but I'm not sure. It would cost no more than 20 dollars I would say. I will most likely have more Starships on the way. Again, thank you.