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Swamp Boat Adventure Tours


The Idea

I had a tour/camping/nature Idea I wanted to make 

It started with a Swamp boat and I wanted to make it for four people, the boat captain should be a typical outdoor person you would expect to be handling a swamp boat.

The swamp boat could be with a big propel and large motor with a big gas tank for maximum range, with the big propel I had to raise it quiet at bit to make it fit and then there was the motor that also needed a strong support. The solution was two arc´s and the the gas tank placed directly under for stability.

Then the idea evolved and now I wanted to make a Shack in the middle of the swamp, where U could hire the swamp boat so it had to include a counter and a person to handle the tours. 

Then the next question was how to make the shack dock the swamp boat, this was solved with two drawbridges with handrail so Captain and passengers could board safely 

The opportunely to explant further with docking points so the people transported by the swamp boat could camp/fish or something else.

640 pieces was used to make (Swamp boat, Shack and persons

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