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Old Book


I have always loved looking at lego recreations of tools, decoration and other household appliances. So for my first attempt at making one, I used an old book to recreate in lego. I got the idea of making a book specifically, by walking around the house to find an easily buildable household item. I dug up an old book on my familly history ( although that was not the reason I chose it) I then decided that it would be my first lego project

I did think, however that it did not have much design or cover decoration at all. It just had a green painted cover. I decided to add yellow and gold border lines to add a more decorative feel to the book in my design. In order to keep the bottom cover attatched to the rest of the model, I used 3m cross axles, and technic double bladed rotors to attatch the covers together. The origional plan was to design an opening book but when it came to attatching the covers together there was not enough space to fit in stable hinges. If this does become an actual lego set, personally I would think it would be a pretty good first project considering the fact that I have not much experience in lego models. 

So there you have it, this is my lego book project  and I hope you like it!


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