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Quad Tilt Rotor (QTR)

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How I built this model:
I really loved the City Cargo Heliplane (60021) and it got me thinking why is this plane so small? and that is how I came up with this. My first idea was to lengthen the body of the plane, but by doing that the cockpit looked very small and square so I changed it to a more streamlined shape. When I had finished I basically had a plane with very big rotors and small wings, so I made the wings bigger, I also added an extra pair of wheels to the front to keep it balanced. In a way I just turned it into an airplane since it is not practical to have tilting rotors so far forward, so I added jet engines to the back and then took them off because it didn't look right. Then I decided to build it on LDD (Lego Digital Designer) and see if I can make any more improvements. After I built it I got an idea to add an extra pair of rotors to the back of it, like in films e.g. Transformers 3 when the soldiers jumped out of the quad tilt rotors and tilt rotors to find Sam. And that is how I built this model.

Features and specifications:
- 4 tilting rotors
- 2 wings
- large cargo hold with 2 bay doors and a tail gate

- large cockpit
- 5 seats
- 51 studs long (35.7cm)
- 42 studs largest wingspan (29.4cm)
- weight unknown

The final colour has not yet been determined so comment the colour/colours you think to help me choose, it is also still in the early stages of development so expect some changes


Fedex - chosen by cote2

26.9.13 (26 September 2013)
- update engines
- lengthened cargo bay
- smoother design
- stronger wings
- added winch