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Romeo Blue


Hello my loyal followers and potential supporters!

I bring before another mech from the world of Pacific Rim, the infamous Mark 1 Jaeger, Romeo Blue! 

A bit of history behind this mech:

It was built in 2015 (Hey, that means it protecting the coast of the U.S! Cool!) as a solution to the Kaiju problem. It is the slowest Jaeger ever to be built, and is the first ever American built Jaeger. It had a total of two Kaiju kills on it's belt. This Jaeger was deployed to combat Knifehead(Yup, Knifehead), but the beast avoided contact with the Jaeger, as a result, Gipsy Danger was deployed to combat the beast. It was destroyed in Seattle, after a Kaiju ripped off it's arms and crushed the conn pod. 


My model:


I tried to use many concept art photos to mimic the mech into Lego, as well as trying to simulate the articulation that the mech had in film. I also, more or less, matched the colour scheme of the Jaeger in terms of Lego pieces. I don't recall seeing any weapons for this Jaeger. The articulation is shown in the photos, and I hope this will give some indication of how articulated this piece is. The chest is a bit blocky, but then again it is a Mark 1 Jeager, it's supposed to be bulky!


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Thanks again!

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