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The Tower of London - Princes in the tower.


The Princes in the Tower.

After King Edward IV of England's death in 1483, his 12 year old son Edward V inherited the throne.

Since Edward was only 12 years old, his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Ruled as the Lord Protector until Edwards coronation as king. Edward and his younger brother Prince Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York (9 yrs) were lodged in the Tower of London, where they were seen to play happily in the grounds. However, Richard took the throne for himself and the boys simply disappeared, the rest is history!.

Thank you for viewing my idea.

My idea is based on the history of the Tower of London, although the Tower has may stories, I feel that the 'Princes in the Tower' is one that will encourage people to delve more into the Towers history and could almost be educational. My idea has a large model of the White Tower, which is the main keep of the Tower of London, due to the size I have only included a cross section of the Tower, this is to allow the set to be both played with, and to be displayed, something a complete version would be too big to do.


The choice of minifigures is down to supporters and Lego, if Lego decide that the backstory to this is too dark, then any choice of modern, historical, of castle theme would suit. However, if Lego choose to take the modern city theme (as a tourist attraction) I would highly recommend including 4 or 5 Beefeaters.

My choice would be to include:

  • King Edward V.
  • Prince Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York.
  • Lord Protector, Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
  • 4 x Royal guards
  • 1 x Skeleton


The White Tower is a formidable keep and will hold off any advancing army!.

At the top of both towers, I have placed 2 prison cells, which can be used to hold the enemies of the crown, including the 2 princes!.

The ground floor boosts an elegant hall, where visitors will enjoy a grand banquet. The hall hall features a warm fire place and a secret room behind the bookcase, where the princes love to play hide 'n' seek.

The Second floor, the Royal bed chambers can be found, uncle Richard has taken this as his room, so the boys will have to make do with a nice cold cell.

currently this set is made up of 3600 pieces, but I pretty sure that with the better building techniques of Lego, this number can be greatly reduced without compromising the look and feel of this idea.

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