Product Idea

LEGO Sea animals Project

Hey guys, What sea animal do you want to see in lego form? :)


Hey everyone, its been awhile since i updated my project as i have had a super busy month with college and work. but I'm back and ready to add a new animal to the trio! 

So i would like to know what animal you would like to be added? it has to be within the theme and would have to compliment the other animals well, so put your suggestions in the comments and i will pick one that i think would work best :)

Thanks everyone, remember to support and share and lets try hit the 1,000 supporters mark before the year is out! 

A visual size comparison and possible minifigure :)


​​Hey everyone! This is only a small update as some people have asked for a visual size comparison of the animals next to a minifigure.  

I think the minifigure himself would be a great addition to the set, as it could be displayed with the animals and also would give kids something to play with alongside the animals themselves. however the figure may need a slightly different torso print, as the one used in the image is the same as a figure released in the Lego minifigures range, the only difference being his golden color. 

I would just like to thank all my supporters so far for a great first week, remember to share with friends and family and I would just like to ask anyone viewing this to please support it if you like it, as it only takes a minute but would be greatly appreciated! thanks again. :)