Product Idea

LEGO Sea animals Project

Do you love nature, wildlife and the amazing animals of the sea? Do you love Lego? Then vote for the Lego sea animals project! :)

Originally the project was only going to consist of the turtle, however I felt the set would feel a little too small with just one animal, and so I built the seahorse and stingray to keep the turtle company on your desk, shelf or even just in your kids lego box! 

I believe this set would sell very well in aquariums, zoos, toy stores and the Lego store.

The turtle - The turtle was the first model I built, it consists of exactly 200 pieces. The turtle's base stand has some seaweed and a small orange fish swimming below, it also has a small brown plaque, which would have 'Chelonioidea' printed on it, which is the scientific name for the sea turtle family, this would add an educational aspect to the set. 

The seahorse - The smallest of the trio the seahorse is made up of 144 bricks in total. The base stand also includes seaweed, as well as a pink clam shell and a brown plaque, this plaque would have 'Hippocampus' Printed on it. 

The stingray - The stingray is the largest of the three models, and is built with 243 bricks. The base stand also has seaweed, however this stand includes a red crab. the brown plaque will have 'Mobulinaeprinted on it. This model is based on the sub-family mobula rays.

All of the animals have articulated parts, so that they can be posed, this also adds playability to the animals for those who wish to play with them. The light blue bricks supporting the animals would ideally be transparent blue bricks, they are only shown as blue as the transparent blocks would not render very well.

Thank you for reading everyone, I hope you like my Lego ideas project. I have put a lot of effort into this project and would love to make it to the review stage!

There is nothing that would make me more happy than being able to tell my Lego crazy niece and nephew that I made a real Lego set :)

Any support is appreciated, thanks everyone.