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I built the "Audi Quattro" because it is my dream car since my youth. Lego seemed to be the ideal material to creat a model. And the Lego digital creator is the perfect program for that.
For approximately two years I tried out the program and developed several models, until the existing model came out. It is built with about 1500 stones. I made this model a real thing wich you can see on the pictures.

Lego is a wonderful building material and I have built many great things with it. With the Audi model I fulfilled my dream with Lego.

About the original Audi


Lenght: 4.40m
width: 1.72m
height: 1.34m

The Lego model


During test drives in Scandinavia in 1977, in which Audi limos should be explored, noted the investigator Jörg Bensinger that the escort vehicle with which he drove - a wheel-driven VW IItis ( SUVs, potential of the DKW Munga for the "Bundeswehr") with  55 kW (75 HP)- under the winter conditions was by far the fastest car of the test fleet. On his return he toldFerdinan Piech, then board the vehicle development department at Audi, about his experiences. He convinced him with a small group of employes a prototype with five-cylinder turbo engine and all-wheel drive based on the Audi 80 to let manufacture.

This prototype was developed 1978 with 118 kW (160HP) so that it could be presented to the board of VW. This presentation took place during a test in Austria, in which winter tires and snow chains should be tested on a snowy, steep section on other vehicles. The Quattro prototype mastered the slope without problems – with summer tires. In summer 1918 a futher demonstration was held, in which the Quattro prototype should drive up a steeply heavily watered lawn. Of all the available vehicles in this test the mission was only accomplished by the Quattro prototype. Shortly afterwards, the VW board gave its approval for the construction.

In febuary 1979 another prototype was disguised as Audi 80 and presented to some international journalists in Turrach and Austria. Among them was Paul Frère. Available were two vehicles with winter tires, front engine and rear drive and also a Audi 100 with front engine and front-wheel drive. While Frère came in driving tests only about 150 yards with the limousine at the snowy slope, but with the Quattro prototype he  even had to throttle back, because the speed reached was to high for the route. At the top he turned, went back and was asked by the engineer Walter Treser if he wanted to carry out the test again with winter tires. The vehicle had only mounted summer tires again. In another experiment on this day – this time the vehicle was equipped with winter tires – held Frère on a huge slope of 28 percent, which had a thick  layer of snow and  drove on without problems. It seemed that the thing had impressed him so much that he wrote a book about the Audi Quattro and his experiences with it.

In March 1980, the Audi Quattro was presented at the Genfer Auto-Salon  to the puplic. From the trade press, the vehicle has been celebrated around the world using numerous superlative as sensation.

Walter Röhl celebrated in 1987 at the Pikes Peak a stunning victory with the rally version of the Audi Quatro, Audi Sport Quattro S1 with 600 HP. It took Röhl only 10 minutes and 22 second for 20 km uphill with 156 curves.

This sporty icon created in Lego was great and when you vote for me I will make the AUdi Sport Quattro S1 as well.

Thank you for reading  

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