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The Dragonfly


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The Dragonfly is a build I have been working on for a couple of years now. I first had the idea for it when I was coming out of my dark ages around the same time Galaxy Squad was released. I would love to see if people like it enough to make it into a LEGO set. I would like to thank anyone that supports this build.


For people who want to know more about the Dragonfly then just read on. It had a two year slow design process as I have been doing a lot of Star Wars dioramas in between. It took me five hours to locate the parts and build this with all the pieces  I had. The mini figure in the front is my own mix of mini figures. It has Solomon blaze's head, a orange team space suit and a clear blue Chima ice armour of the sabre tooth tigers. This in universe is a one man fighter that would be used for reconnaissance or stealth attacks on an enemy base.

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