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Steel sting is the 2nd member of Steel brothers (design in process), you may wish to review the 1st member Steel striker convertible @

Steel striker is made by Technic and Starwars parts, he is a mini set with lot of details and impressive mobility. it contains over 70 pieces and costs no more than 10 US dollars ... see what's more you will find below ...

The purpose of Steel sting is detecting & assassinating, he is the pioneer of steel brothers, small size, high speed and long firing range, cable of completing variety tasks without been detected by enemies.

Let's look at him from the left rear side

Now allow me to introduce some details:
- Transparent electronic eyes with sliver on the back, red-orange right eye is also the sighting telescope for long rage or dark background
- Plasma sharpshooter on the left forehead
- Assault cannon on right arm
- Micro nuclear rocket on the back, main equipment for high speeding
- Sturdy leg with bending capability is suitable for long distance raid

Next picture is showing from the up side, where you may see more details on the head

Final picture is showing Steel sting in action, from left to right, up to down, it gives different pose of standing, crouching, running and crawling.

Hope you suppot him same as Steel Striker ^_^ sincerely thanks for your review!

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Engjoy LEGO!