Product Idea

The Alchemist's Greenhouse

In this Victorian-style greenhouse, lives an alchemist who prepares potions, grows plants and creates incantations.
The greenhouse is composed of two parts: a botanical part (plants and mini-wetland area) and a workshop part (potion furniture, wood stove, telescope, etc.).
This set opens in half lengthwise to allow access to both parts of the greenhouse. A small floor is present to use a telescope. In addition to plants, several animals are present such as an owl, a frog, a parrot and butterflies.
This set has the advantage to create complete and detailed furniture (not often found in Lego sets). Moreover, its playability is favoured by its lengthwise opening, offering a central playing space.
Size: 30x15x15 cm (Lxlxh)
Number of pieces: 1620