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Outlaw Sprintcar


Sprintcars or Outlaws are the F1 of the Speedway world. They are fast...very fast. And are spectacular to watch. There is a massive fan base and participation is in Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

The model presented is of a Technic Sprintcar and this car can be modified to suit as in the real world. Variants can be altered to resemble a Speedcar or Midget, Wingless Sprint and also modified to suit a Formula 500 using the pieces in the kit to further suit the buyers choice in racer.

Many various colour combinations can be boxed changing frame, wing and panel colours to resemble the buyers favourite drivers, sometimes many different drivers are fan favourites, and each year car colour combinations change and so to does the fan base wanting the latest set to resemble the favourites. 

Check out the links for more information on racing car and design...its as close to the real thing.

Racing in USA -

Racing in Australia -

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