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Ironcrest City: Medical Frigate


The medical core of Ironcrest City are among the most respected in the whole entire city. Once a battle begins, or a fight breaks out, they are the first ones on the scene saving life's. The Ironcrest City Medical Corps, the I.C.M.C. has the most advanced medical technology known to man. Their top medical care has saved hundreds if not thousands of life's.

The head of the I.C.M.C., Amanda Elliut, is always with her team. She keeps the I.C.M.C. in tip top shape and always makes sure that the work gets down completely. The K-84 Cruiser, otherwise known as the "Medic" is one of Ironcrest cities most excellent sky craft. It has two large engines to keep it going fast, and a medical bay in the back. It also has a large cockpit making it a very imposing craft to enemies and friends alike.

The I.C.M.C. motto.

No matter what the danger. No matter what the cost. We will go into the battlefield and save the endangered lives.

If you are in a battle or in a fight, the Ironcrest City Medical Corps has got you covered.

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