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Expandable Screwball Scramble

This is my request for an expandable Screwball Scramble (or Run Yourself Ragged as it has previously been known!)

It's currently just in the idea stage, I'll shortly be working on a mock-up.

Whilst not strictly following the original design, this Lego project would create a similar maze game experience, but with individual small pods of puzzle which link together to form any size of maze you desire. In this way, large scale challenges can be created, linking together any number and difficult of puzzles.

The inner workings of each part would be educational and teach various mechanics, using cams, rods, etc and there's scope for many different and new puzzle elements to be used.

A timing system could also be implemented, and each individual puzzle 'pod' kit could be given a difficultly rating - this rating can then be used to determine the overall difficulty of the maze you have created.

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