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Tottenham Townhouse


Common in both London and movies, Edwardian townhouses are instantly recognizable and interesting. Tottenham Townhouse continues these characteristics and will bring fun, imagination and extra housing to all Lego layouts. It is highly detailed, historically accurate and very playable.


Tottenham Townhouse consists of 4 floors. The ground floor (living room), second floor (kitchen/dining room), third floor (master bedroom) and roof (children's nursery/bedroom). All the floors are removable, including the attic roof. There are 9 minifigures included, as well as a 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and a chestnut cart.


Ground Floor details include:

Exterior: Front

  • Front garden with iron railings
  • Decorative porch lamps
  • House number
  • Arch window
  • Window sill with plants
  • Street lamppost

Exterior: Back

  • Decorative lamp
  • Window sill with plants
  • Garbage bin



  • Dark green carpet
  • Stairs with handrail and dark green carpet
  • Edwardian pull-chain toilet under stairs
  • Large fireplace with mantel clock, coals and grate details
  • Fireplace poker and coal bucket
  • Upright piano with pedals and stool
  • Edwardian telephone on table
  • Hatstand and painting
  • Rug with cat in front of fireplace
  • Dark blue armchairs and small table with playing cards


Ground Floor includes Technic pins and holes for connection to other Modular Buildings


Second Floor Details include:


  • Balcony with iron railings and potted plants (balcony is 2 studs wide)


  • Decorative wooden railings and dark green carpet
  • Stairs with dark green carpet
  • Painting
  • Highly detailed wooden dining table with tablecloth and Silver Service (teapot and cups) details
  • Wooden chairs
  • Door to balcony
  • Dark blue floor vase with flowers


  • Checkerboard tiles
  • Sink with tap
  • Light blue cupboard with drawers and chopping board with tomato and cheese
  • Kitchen fireplace with stove, oven, cupboard with drawers and pot details


Third floor details include:


  • Decorative wooden railing
  • Large double bed with decorative bedhead and blue sheets
  • Wooden bedside table with drawer and dark blue lamp
  • Bookshelf
  • Large fireplace (identical to ground floor fireplace, except for painting)
  • Wooden dressing table with drawers, round mirror, perfume bottle and hairbrush details
  • Iron ladder to attic


Roof/Nursery Includes:


  • Chimney pots and windows


  • Wooden railing
  • Small fireplace with coals
  • Wooden rocking horse
  • Two single beds (identical to master bedroom bed, except smaller.  The first bed has red sheets, the second has violet sheets)
  • Bedside table (identical to master bedroom)
  • Toy wooden sailing boat
  • Teddy bear and blocks


Rolls Royce details include:

  • Two seats
  • Wooden steering wheel
  • Spare tire
  • Front and rear lamps (headlights)
  • Windscreen
  • Folded roof


Chestnut Cart:

Chestnut cart includes a furnace and two chestnuts. It can be held by one minifigure.


Minifigures: Left to Right

Female motorist

Male motorist

Constable with truncheon

Chestnut cart owner

Nanny with cane


Boy with magnifying glass and deerstalker hat

Male townhouse owner (father)

Female townhouse owner (mother)


Tottenham Townhouse includes 1547 pieces.

  • The townhouse on its own is 1343 pieces.
  • The Rolls Royce is 150 pieces.


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