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Surf and Turf


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Surf & Turf by Sebastiaan_Dietz

I have designed this surf & turf for everybody who likes to make their beach area in the city a much nicer place. The design features a couple different area's and is made modular for easy access.

  • Restaurant with a chef preparing the food on a barbeque
  • Surfshop where you can buy all you need to go surfing
  • High lookout with binoculars, cocktailbar and waiter/bartender
  • Dock for 6 surfboards
  • Beach with palmtrees

Its made on baseplates with a total of 48x80 studs. (without hangover)

Between 2500 and 2600 parts were used in 32 different colors.

There are also 11 minifigures. 2 of them are used as part of the design itself (on the roof). The others minifigures are the chef, the waiter/bartender, shop owner and the customers.


If you like this design please support and follow. 

Thank you for showing interest.

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